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Getting admission to a foreign college needs specific things. In this English expertise, is one must thing. To check the proficiency of students, colleges take some language tests. In this PTE test, or Personal Language Test, is a famous one. Through the computer, students take the test. Also, it checks the reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities of students.

In addition, students give tests through artificial intelligence. It aids in accurate results without any errors. Moreover, the test helps students in securing their seats in foreign colleges. For the test, candidates requires to register themselves on the PTE registration website.

So, if you also dream of studying abroad, first apply for the language test. Want to know about the eligibility criteria for the test? Read below.

Educational Eligibility Criteria for PTE Test?

The PTE test  is considered vital in abroad study process. All those students who want to study in foreign need to give this. However, the test also requires some educational eligibility from students. Want to know about them, read the below-mentioned points:

Country of Student

The test is available to every student, despite, of the nation. For this, it is vital for the candidates to have valid identity proof. It can be a passport or any legal document. Furthermore, for more details, you can check the PTE website

Education of Student

The PTE registration does not mention specifically about the study. The only need for this test is the skills of the candidates in English. Any student who has good English can take the test.

Age of Student

There is no specific age limit given for the test. However, students who are 16 or above can appear for it. Also, they need to submit a parental consent form before the exam. The form is available on the website, and from there, candidates can download it.

These are the study criteria that students consider before taking the PTE test. Furthermore, let’s read about the registration process for the test.

What Are the Different PTE Registration Fees?

While applying for the PTE exam, students have to pay some registration fees. Mentioned- below are fees that are related to PTE registration:

Registration Fee

All students who want to appear in the PTE exam need to pay the registration fee. For Indian candidates, the exam fee is Rs 13,300. However, it is applicable when students apply 14 days before the test.

Optional Payment

Besides the registration fee, there are some optional fees also. It includes cancellation fees, rescheduling fees or late fees. It all depends on the students when they fill out the form.

Late Registration Payment

PTE test offers students a chance, to register themselves up to 48 hours before the exam. However, if candidates register themselves late, they have to pay Rs 695 in addition.

Rescheduling Cost

Candidates can also reschedule their test as per their needs. If they request 14 days before the test, an extra cost is not charged. In addition, if a student requests between 7-14 days, 50% cost is applicable. Furthermore, if the request is made 7 days before, no fees are refunded.  

Refundable Cost

If students do not want to take the PTE test can ask for a refund. For this, they have to request 14 days before the test. If the candidate makes the request between 7-14 days, 50% price is refunded. In addition, before 7 days the fees are not refunded.

These are the following costs that apply to students during registration. For saving extra cost, it is advisable for students to register themselves on time. Moreover, let’s know about the steps of PTE registration.

What Are the Steps for PTE Registration?

The registration process for thePTE exam involves three easy steps. These are as follows:

Create Account

For registration, students need to create an account on the website. For this, they only have to visit the official website of it. The created account starts within 48 hours.

Find a Nearby Center and Book a Seat

After creating an account, the next step is to find a nearby location. In this, you need to search places around you and book a seat. In addition, also mention the exam date and time before booking the seat.

Registration Fees

The last step after account creation and seat booking is registration. With payments of the registration fees, students confirm their seats. In addition, this account also helps students with PTE result check.

Moreover, these are the 3-steps through which students register themselves for tests. Here, the article comes to an end.


If you want to study abroad, then, the PTE exam is vital for you. It not only helps students in going foreign but also improves their English skills. In addition, any student who wants to check their skills can also take this exam. Also, there are no specific age criteria. Moreover, creating an account on the website is safe. It further also assists in PTE result checkingwithout any errors. Lastly, the PTE exam is good for the student profile. The test also offers candidates better job options. If you are looking for the online PTE coaching to pass your PTE exam, you can take help from

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