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Back or spine problems are prevalent as individuals age, constituting one of the most common health issues worldwide. Back pain, often cited as the leading cause of global disability, frequently hinders individuals from fulfilling their work duties or engaging in daily activities. Timely treatment is crucial to address these concerns effectively.

In the following section, we will explore various spine issues to empower you to make well-informed decisions regarding treatment. When seeking treatment, consider opting for the services of the best hospital for spine surgery in India to ensure optimal care and outcomes.

Muscle Strain

A muscle strain occurs when you have a bad position or posture. It can also take place when the muscle around the spine becomes tensed or strained. It will not just cause tightness but also cause pain in the back and neck. Moreover, you can strengthen the back muscles by maintaining a good weight and exercising. 


This is the most common type of spine problem which takes place in older adults. It usually happens when the bones become weak due to lower bone mass. The weak bones then become damaged or brittle, which can lead to fractures. You can avoid this problem by consuming Vitamin D and calcium-rich food to strengthen the bones. Exercises like weightlifting, running, and walking also help with this spine problem.

Slipped Disk

There is a cushion known as the disk, which is between each of the vertebrae. The presence of this disk prevents the vertebrae from scraping each other. When people age, the disk starts to become dry.

When too much pressure is put on these disks, they break or tear. This condition is known as slipped disk. Sometimes, you won’t even notice this problem, but your legs and arms might start to feel hurt or numb. In this case, painkillers and workouts are the best way to treat this condition.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal that can put pressure on the nerves in your spine. This condition can cause back pain, numbness and tingling in your arms and legs, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking or standing for long periods. Spinal disease is often caused by age-related changes such as the natural wear and tear of the spine or a herniated disc.


When you feel the pain that goes down from the lower back area, right to the bottom, and then to the leg, it’s mainly because of the sciatica nerve. Bone spur or slip disk can put pressure on this nerve. This issue is called sciatica. You can do some stretching, take painkillers, and apply cold and hot packs to get relief from this problem. But you need to speak to the physician for proper treatment.


Syringomyelia takes place when a fluid-filled sac known as cyst forms in the spinal cord. This happens when the brain tissues are pushed below from the skull to the spinal cord or because of a tumour or injury. This condition will not give you trouble, but when the cyst grows, it will injure the spinal cord. You have to remove the cyst surgically.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

The spinal has nerves that branch out from it, which helps the brain control the legs and other organs located in the pelvis area. A fracture slipped disk, or any other problem will put pressure on these nerves called “cauda equina.” This will cause a dangerous and rare ailment, and you might need surgery to restore the loss of movement, feeling, and control of the bowels and bladder.

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Spinal Myelopathy

Spinal Myelopathy can occur in older people. This condition takes place when the spinal cord is damaged due to degeneration. When a person starts to get older, the elements of the spine and back start to change and become weak. This causes damage to the spinal cord.


Whiplash is known as a neck injury, which occurs due to a sudden motion or jerking of the head. This awkward and sudden movement of the neck strains the neck muscles greatly. Whiplash can also damage the ligaments, discs, and intervertebral joints present in the neck. To treat the pain, you can opt for painkillers like “Aleve” and “Advil.” Otherwise, you can use icing during the first 24 hours after the injury.

Compression Fracture

Collapsed vertebra or compression fracture occurs when hairline fractures and cracks start to show when a person starts to age and have weak bones. This problem happens mainly due to osteoporosis.

Furthermore, you might develop this issue if you’re at a high risk of bone cancer, extremely thin, or if you smoke. Women who are over 50 can also develop this problem. In this condition, physical therapy and pain medications are the best ways to treat this condition.


The spine is a crucial part of the human body that supports posture, allows movement, and protects the spinal cord. While some of these conditions may be genetic or unavoidable, many can be prevented or managed through proper lifestyle choices and medical interventions. It’s essential to seek medical advice if you experience any spine-related symptoms to determine the appropriate treatment plan. 

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