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The couple should consider visiting the IVF centre in Bathinda if the natural method and the other fertility treatments have failed to show the desired results. Usually, people are worried about the cost . But the test tube baby cost in Ludhiana is considerably low in India as compared to the other countries. This procedure is usually recommended to those couples who have been trying to conceive since last year.

Do you know?

Usually, people think that the IVF procedure is the only fertility treatment available to get rid of infertility. But there are other procedures also like ICSI, IUI and the mini IVF which are used for infertility treatment. The choice of the procedure significantly depends upon the medical condition of the patient.

So in today’s topic, we shall be unfolding some of the important and the interesting features of the IVF:

What if both the fallopian tubes were removed from the body for some reason?

In this case, no procedure other than IVF can help you to conceive.

Case in point

Usually, it happens that owing to some factor, the fallopian tubes are interfering with the sperm to reach the egg. In that case, either with the surgical procedure, the obstruction will be cleared out or with the help of the fertility treatment, the sperm will be directly injected into the reproductive system, which we know as the IUI.

Which conditions of male infertility are responsible for hindering conception?

The male partner is responsible for providing the sperm for the embryo generation. In the absence of good quality sperm, embryo development will not take place. So the ART can be significantly helpful in this regard.

  • Case 1: Low sperm count

If the male is not able to produce the sperms of the required quantity, then with the help of the ICSI, the effort will be made to achieve the conception.

  • Case 2: Poor Quality Sperms

If after providing several medications to the male participant, he is still unable to provide with a healthy conception, then with the help of the donor sperms, the embryo development will be sought for.

What if the womb of the woman is not capable of holding the baby?

If that happens, then with the help of surrogacy, the developed embryo will be implanted in the uterus of another female who after nurturing the child for about 9 months will give birth to the baby and hand it over to the biological parents.

What if the woman who is trying to conceive is suffering from any kind of inflammatory disease or endometriosis?

Then, in that case, the gynecologist will only suggest the couple opt for the fertility procedure if they have taken treatment for the disease.

Usually, it is not suggested for the women to conceive with the diseased body, as the chances of passing the same to the offspring get escalated.

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