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How To Do Air France Change Name On Ticket

Passengers can make mistakes while booking their air tickets, but if you have booked your ticket with Air France, you don’t have to worry. Regarding changing a name change mid-flight or fixing an error on a ticket, Air France change name policy provides travelers with peace of mind. There is no difficulty involved, and there is a small cost. This page will go over all the rules regarding name corrections, including how to request a name correction, what kinds of requests you may make when altering your name, and much more.  

Rules Air France Change Name Follow

The airline permits a customer to alter their name, surname, middle name, or any combination of these in accordance with Air France change name on ticket policy. In situations where the passenger lawfully modifies it, this procedure is applicable. In addition – 

  • Since flight tickets are non-transferable, the airline does not allow name changes to another passenger once they have been issued unless there are legal exceptions. 
  • Passengers who wish to transfer ownership of their ticket must first request that the flight be canceled and then rebook it under their new traveler’s information. Read the Air France cancellation policy to learn about reservation cancellation policies. 
  • Bookings and ticket purchases must be made using the passenger’s full first and last names as they appear on their passport.
  • While middle names and titles are not necessary for travel inside Europe, if they are part of the ticket, they must be shown in the same sequence as they appear on the photo ID.
  • For flights to locations in Europe and beyond, the request needs to be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. 
  • The only expense associated with name corrections is the simple correction of a misspelled name (Phillips vs. Philip/, for example). 
  • Documents required for a legal name change are as follows:
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Divorce Decree
    • Court Orders
    • Legal affidavit for name change.
  • Date of birth, title, or gender are not considered under the Air France change name policy.
  • The codeshare agreement flights are not permitted for a name change by the airlines.
  • Name corrections or changes are not allowed after check-in. Read the Air France check-in policy to learn more about the criteria for checking in.

Types Of Name Change Under Air France

The airlines are allowed to make the following modifications in accordance with the name change requirements, according to the Air France policy:

  • Correction To First Or Middle Name: The passenger’s original last name and birthdate must stay the same, but you may alter their first and middle names to match the information on their passport. 

    Depending on availability, the ticket would be reissued in either the higher or current class of service. There may be a ticket difference and an Air France name change cost. Calling the Air France change name phone line is the required method of submitting the aforementioned request.

  • Correction To The Last Name: Corrections to reflect the same last name as on the passport or other government picture ID are allowed up to three characters.

    Through the Air France Manage Booking area, you can request a name adjustment. In addition to the fare difference, a name correction fee will be charged. According to the Air France flight change regulation, it would be deemed a change if the modification needed to be made for more than three characters. 

  • Addition To The Last Name: The passenger’s original surname cannot be altered, however, you may add a second last name to match the name in their passport. There will just be a name correction charge.

  • Changing Order Of First, Middle, Or Last Name: You can alter your name so that it appears in the same order on your passport or official government picture ID. There will just be a name correction charge.

How To Use Air France Live Agent For Name Change?

Travelers may use WhatsApp and Messenger to communicate with Air France agents about a range of issues, such as changing a misspelled name or changing their passenger name. A traveler can communicate with them using their preferred medium. Open the official Air France website, look for customer service, and locate all the social media profiles where you may communicate with the agents to see their handles. 

Wrapping Up!

I hope you found this post helpful. You may modify Air France by altering both your legal name and middle name. It is feasible to alter the spelling of a first or last name, but you have up to three hours before the departure time to make the adjustment. You are free to seek a change in your middle name from Edward to merely “Michael,” for instance, if your legal name is John Michaels and your middle name is Edward. Once you add a single character to your passport, you will be eligible to use Air France’s policy. 

To get more information on Air France change name policy, contact the official helpline at 1 (800) 237-2747. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to speak with a consolidation desk and get your precise information swiftly.

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