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Silk Bed

Silk has been known for being cosy and sumptuous since it was first used. You should be aware of the numerous health benefits of silk bedding. Given that silk bed sheets have several benefits, such as comfort and a decrease in allergy symptoms, let’s examine how they can assist allergy sufferers.

What Are Allergies

Our busy lives and the dirty environment we live in are the main reasons allergies are on the rise. They are brought on by allergens, which are things that can make certain people experience an allergic reaction.

Runny noses, itching, sneezing, and dry coughs are common symptoms of allergies. These symptoms create a tiring cycle by making daily duties more difficult and interfering with sleep. Many people are allergic to dust mites and are unaware of it! You most likely have a dust mite allergy if you frequently wake up with a stuffy nose or sneezing episodes.

Select the Right Bedding

Silk Bed

A third of our lives are spent in bed. Furthermore, dust mites may infest our bedding if we are negligent. Dust mites adore the dead skin cells on our mattresses because they provide them with food. They prefer warm, muggy, and airless situations. The ideal places for dust mites to breed are mattresses, pillows, and duvets. It is best to wash the linens often, let the mattresses air out in the morning, and make thoughtful bedding fabric selections in order to reduce humidity levels.

Advantages that Silk Bed Sheets Provide

Silk is ideal for anyone with allergies or asthma since it naturally wards off dust mites and moths. Silk sheets are a great choice for older, moist homes since they can withstand mold and mildew. The naturally occurring, hypoallergenic amino acids found in silk may also be beneficial for people with eczema or other sensitive skin issues. Sleeping on silk may help the skin regain its moisture, which is lost during the day and night.

Its absorbent nature keeps moisture from building up on its fibers. Moreover, their fine threads prevent dust mites from building nests. Breathable silk fibers, used to make silk sheets, naturally regulate body temperature and minimize perspiration. Silk is a natural fiber that feels soft to the touch and is less likely to chafe or cause discomfort since its DNA structure is comparable to that of skin.

Where to Get the Best Silk Bed Sheets

Silk Bed

Selecting genuine silk bed sheets from the many options available in the market can be challenging. After conducting due diligence, we found that Mayfairsilk is a reputable UK company that ships internationally and offers free next-day delivery for orders over £50 anywhere in the United Kingdom. They employ silk that has been certified as being free of pollutants by OEKO-Tex Standard 100. Numerous honours have been bestowed upon the company, including “Innovation and Excellence Honors 2022- Bedding Brand of the Year by Corporate LiveWire.” Silk sheets have the right weight and feel since they are manufactured from the finest grade of silk, 6A grade in 22 momme. 

They are a UK-based corporation that is quickly growing to conduct business in the Middle East and the US. They send beautiful gift boxes filled with silk pillowcases and sheets to 32 countries from their warehouse in the United Kingdom.

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