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If you are an online business owner or run your own website, you can greatly benefit from Linux hosting. Its biggest benefit comes in the form of offering support for several open-source technologies namely XML, MySQL, and many more.

If you are looking for a web hosting service, Linux is a perfect choice as it is reliable and offers immense power. As a result of these brilliant features, Linux Shared hosting is considered to be a great option instead of its counterparts in the market.

What are the advantages of Linux shared hosting?

  • Compatibility

One of the biggest benefits of Linux hosting is that it can work along with any kind of software and operating system. Your website will run easily without any issues cropping up if your website is created using Windows, but ends up being on a Linux web server. It is the perfect option for you if you’re looking to host their website with the best server available in the industry.

  • Economical Cost

You can Linux without paying a single penny, as its software is open source. Its budget-friendly prices are the main reason business owners often choose a Linux server over its alternatives. Plus you do not have to pay anything in the way of licensing. It helps keep adhering to your budget without having to compromise on the best features.

  • Security

Windows servers are known to be more susceptible to falling victim to a malicious attack or being infected by malware or virus. Linux servers, on the other hand, are relatively sturdy, and a lot more secure. Therefore, the system is harder to break into. The sysadmins have to take added measures to ensure the safety of Windows servers. While Linux servers can also be hacked if their web applications have vulnerabilities in their programming, they are still quite hard to break into.

  • Flexibility

Apart from the budget-friendly costs, the Linux hosting platform is known to be quite flexible and can perform a number of tasks quite easily at the same time. It is quite systematic. Linux has quick loading and works twice as fast as its counterparts. It also supports Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Hence, if your website needs a scripting language to function, Linux is the perfect option for you to choose.

  • Easy Installation and setup

It is extremely easy to install Linux. As a user, you really do not have to worry about any complex installation process that takes a long time. This can be done easily and extremely fast. It also has a huge amount of network functionality as it is made by programmers themselves. Linux serves various purposes including network backup. It is a really perfect choice.

  • Speed

Linux provides a highly reliable platform that aids the app functionality including servers, databases, media, and much more. One of the main elements that determine the speed of apps is how efficient the code is on Linux. It has a huge number of developers involved in its functioning and development daily.

  • Customer support

It has been a long time since Linux OS and apps have existed and continue to develop while being easily available to the users. You require great customer support to ensure that your issues are resolved fast and you can continue smooth functioning. You also need support for all of your Linux hosting plans.

bodHOST has a team of experts with ample experience that you can get in touch with at any time of the day or night. They also provide a forum where people can ask queries and have brilliant conversations with Linux hosting professionals.

What is the difference between Windows servers and Linux servers?

Being too focused on the kind of server, you have taken from the fact that you might have a brilliant web hosting service with ample benefits. Ensure that you are checking out more than just the kind of server you have. Several people swear by one kind of server while denouncing the other.

However, both Linux and Windows servers have their benefits and cons. Their compatibility depends on the kind of website you have and its unique requirements.

So look at everything that your web hosting provider is offering instead of just focusing on the server. Linux servers do often tend to be more reliable than their counterparts, along with the customer support that these businesses have.


There are several web hosting services that offer Linux web hosting in the USA, but you need to select one that is just right depending on your unique requirements. Hence, it is crucial to research web hosting providers to identify the best in the market. bodHOST offers a variety of Linux shared hosting packages that can help your business grow and turn successful by achieving all of its goals.

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