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Best Nintendo Switch games

Several game consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Wii, have been launched over time, but some have made a significant global image. The best ones have broken the boundaries by setting new sales records. These consoles were launched in different hardware eras and were able to give a better gaming experience. New consoles are still being launched with bleeding-edge technology, which has become more powerful with time. However, telling which is the best console is difficult. Hence, we list the best-selling game consoles of all time, so stay connected and keep reading the blog.

  1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is the first game console on our list. This console was launched on 3 March 20017 and was developed by Nintendo. You can play games on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode or connect it to your TV. It supports multiplayer gaming; you can play with someone online or in the same room with one or multiple systems. Find the best Nintendo Switch games, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and enjoy them with friends.

Units Sold: 139.36 million

  1. PlayStation 2

Play Station 2 is another one of the best-selling game consoles. It is a home video game console by Sony Interactive Entertainment released on 4 March 2000. The second installment of the PlayStation brand, it’s the successor of the original series. Over 4 thousand games are available in the PlayStation 2 library, such as Don 2: The Game and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening.

Units Sold: 155 million

  1. Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is the third on our list of best-selling game consoles of all time. It’s a handheld game console developed by Nintendo and launched on  21 November 2004. Also known as the DS or NDS, it’s a foldable console with two screens, one of which is a touchscreen. You can play video games like New Super Mario Bros, Nintendogs, and Pokemon Black, which are made for Nintendo DS in this console.

Units Sold: 154.02 million

  1. PlayStation 4 

One of the best-selling game consoles, PlayStation 4, was launched on 15 November 2013. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it’s the fourth instalment in the Play Station series and the successor to the PlayStation 3, launched on 11 November 2006. You can play God of War, Red Dead Redemptions 2, Bloodborne and several other games on this console.

Units Sold: 117.2 million

  1. PlayStation

The PlayStation, also known as PS1 or PSX, is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. This one of the best-selling game consoles was launched on 3 December 1994 and is a fifth-generation console. It’s the first console in the complete series, and you can play Tekken 3, Resident Evil 2, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider and several other games on it.

Units Sold: 102.49 million

  1. Wii

The Wii is the last on our list of best-selling game consoles of all time. Developed by Nintendo, it was launched on 19 November 2006. It’s Nintendo’s fifth major home game and seventh-generation console. It’s the first home console by Nintendo that directly supported internet connectivity. Mario Party 8, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Sports Resort are popular games to play on the Wii Console.

Units Sold: 101.63 million

Final Thoughts

Game consoles have been launching since the 1970s, and they have been developing with time. Wii, Playstation, PS2, PS4, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Switch are some consoles that have set new sales records with millions of copies sold. These consoles may be old, but their features make them worth buying even at the current time when high-end consoles are available. These consoles serve you for the best possible gaming experience. We hope you liked this blog about the best-selling game consoles: comment below and share which game console you have used before.

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