Tue. May 28th, 2024
Self-Publishing Platforms

Most of the authors are choosing to self-publish their books because of the rising demand. But the main struggle they face is choosing the platforms. The right platform is an essential tool for the success of your book. 

You have to carefully pick the platform to self-publish your book otherwise you have to face the damages. Still confused about finding a platform for self-publication. 

Then worry not because we bring you the list of the list of top self-publishing platforms that you must know as an author and make a wise decision. 

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 

KDP is owned by Amazon and is one of the best self-publishing platforms. The number of sales through Amazon gives tough competition to other platforms. It happens because of their widespread reach to customers and lucrative royalty offers. And KDP pays out 35% or 70% of the book’s price which depends on the option you choose. 

It offers a range of unique programs along with KDP Select where you give Amazon 90 days of exclusive rights which means you cannot list anywhere else for that time being. What will you get in return? discount promotions and countdown deals. You can avail of Amazon book publishing service to get more advancement while publishing your book. 

Apple Books 

Apple Books is another popular platform. Although it does not have the retail power like KDP it does have one major advantage which is direct access to Mac users. It is a lot bigger than you can expect from Apple. Mac users focus more on brand loyalty. The users are likely to have iPhones and vice versa. 

That is the reason why Apple creates a full user experience through their products and Apple Book is no exception. In fact, many Mac users start their eBook experience on Apple Books and are happy enough to not need to go anywhere else. 


There is a very small number of books being sold in the US that come from KOBO but what is the reason? Well, apart from other answers the most accurate one is Canada. It is estimated that KOBO accounts for 25% of all Canadian eBook sales. It is a good number to compete with Amazon’s KDP.  

It has gone global and is readily available in regions all over the globe. So, if you are interested in global outreach, then it can be the best self-publishing company for you to choose from. It pays out a maximum royalty rate of 70% on every book that is listed for more than $2.99. 

Barnes and Noble Press 

Barnes and Noble which is known as Nook before is another self-publishing platform of the aforementioned book retailers. It is another exclusive eBook retailer. Every book that is being published here is only sold through Barnes and Noble’s online and physical bookstore locations. 

Also, the platforms offer the added benefit of print-on-demand services which means you don’t have to keep the stack of unclaimed paperbacks which might take up the corner of your living room or demand storage. 


Draft2Digital is one of the popular platforms and ever since they acquired the Smashwords they have a little to no competition. Rather than this, they are becoming more potential rivals of some of the big retailers. 

The platform has a of features hidden in itself to offer a good opportunity to the author. In addition to being able to distribute to all major retailers and libraries, they have introduced universal book links for all your books, print services, and a partnership with Findaway Voices to distribute audiobooks.   

Another benefit of the platform is that it offers formatting services free of charge. It is in itself not necessary but is a very welcome quality of life change. And as for the commissions – it takes a 10% piece no matter where your book is sold.  


It is a newcomer in the self-publishing market but has already the best self-publishing forms available. It works with all major online retailers including Amazon, Apple, Google, KOBO, and Barnes and Noble. However, the most unique feature of the platform is its pricing options. 

Although most platforms provide royalty options, this platform offers another option which is – subscription pricing. You can get to retain 00% of your royalties with their subscription. And simply pays $100 per month to maintain this. It is an excellent option for well-established authors who don’t want to share their royalty.   


So, these are the top self-publishing platforms that can be your pathway to success. You have to carefully analyze each of the platforms and understand their pros and cons before coming to a decision. However, it is assumed that all the platforms are recognized as great self-publishing platforms among the authors. And now is your chance to get your book in front of the world.  

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