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Ever wondered what India sells the most to other countries? Well, get ready to explore the top 10 export products from India! In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the best selling products that India sends across the globe. From textiles to pharmaceuticals and everything in between, you’ll learn about the diverse range of products that make India a major player in the global market. So, if you’re curious about what makes India shine on the export stage, join us as we uncover the secrets behind its top-selling exports!

Petroleum Products

Fueling global economic growth, petroleum products are among the top export items from India, constituting about 10% of the nation’s total export value. This sector caters to a broad spectrum of demands, ranging from refined petroleum to various petrochemicals. India is seen as a reliable partner in energy, supplying to countries such as the UAE, Singapore, and China. 

Gems and Jewellery

Shining brightly on the global stage, the gems and jewellery sector forms a significant part of India’s exports, accounting for roughly 13% of the total. Renowned for magnificent craftsmanship and using precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, this industry combines traditional skills with modern techniques to maintain a competitive edge. Major destinations for these luxurious items include the USA, UAE, and Hong Kong.

Textiles and Garments

Textiles and garments represent a classic example of India’s cultural richness and manufacturing capability, making up about 7% of its exports. From the silky threads of Benaras to the colourful weaves of Odisha, India’s fabric products are as diverse as its heritage. These products, including essential items like cotton, silk, and ready-made garments, are distributed to various global markets, demonstrating the sector’s extensive reach and adaptability.


India’s pharmaceutical sector, contributing to around 6% of the exports, has earned the country the “pharmacy of the world.” This industry is instrumental in providing affordable, high-quality medications and has a strong presence in over 200 countries. With robust R&D capabilities, India remains a significant player in the global healthcare market, exporting generics, vaccines, and more.

Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

Contributing to about 5% of total exports, India’s chemical industry is essential in meeting the global demand for various chemicals. These range from agricultural products like fertilisers to industrial chemicals and dyes, highlighting the sector’s versatility and importance.

Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and mechanical appliances account for over 3% of India’s exports, driven by a network of SMEs specialising in diverse machinery. This segment is crucial for several industries worldwide, supplying essentials like pumps, engines, and turbines.

Iron and Steel

Iron and steel are significant contributors to India’s export portfolio and are essential for global construction industries. With exports valued at around $9 billion, India’s steel products are pivotal in building infrastructures across many countries.

Dairy Products

India’s export of dairy products is another lucrative area, especially products derived from Indicine cattle milk, which commands a higher price in Western markets. Products like ghee, cheese, and curd are prominent in India’s dairy exports.


Tea represents over 3% of India’s total export value, a beloved export that captures the essence of India’s rich agricultural traditions. Indian tea, from Darjeeling to Assam, is celebrated worldwide, with an increasing focus on speciality and organic teas.

Exploring India’s top 10 export products has been quite the journey! We’ve uncovered the diverse range of items India sends worldwide, from textiles to pharmaceuticals. These exports showcase India’s economic strength, cultural richness, and innovation. As we conclude, understanding these top-export items from India sheds light on India’s place in the global market and offers insights into its economic prowess and cultural heritage.

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