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personalized baby gifts Singapore

For new parents, shopping for personalized baby gifts Singapore can be a bit daunting. From visiting doctors to managing meltdowns, this can be an overwhelming process. Coping with this stuff, every parent might get confused about what’s essential for the little one. And perhaps, they may still end up forgetting some important things. It is your time to pamper your loved ones on their new journey. In this article, we are going create lasting memories with the top 10 personalized baby gifts that every parent in Singapore needs. So, stay with us!

Lovingly Signed

To shop for thoughtful and one-of-a-kind personalized baby gifts Singapore, Lovingly Signed waits to serve you with the best. The gorgeous items packed in signature gift boxes look aesthetically pleasing. With their gift items, parenting becomes a breeze. 

Here are our top 10 favorite personalized gifts from Lovingly Signed that will make memories last. 

Personalized Luxury Cable Knit Blanket:

The highly soft and snuggly Personalized Luxury Cable Knit Blanket from Lovingly Signed offers security and comfort to your little one. The blanket is ideal to be carried on the go. Available in beautiful colors, you can shop for the one that fits your little one’s style. 

Personalized Dans La Jungle Koco The Koala Comforter:

Designed with multicolored patterns, Personalized Dans La Jungle Koco the Koala Comforter makes a perfect friend for your little angel. Carry it with you on travelling or cuddle at home, your baby’s small hands can easily take hold of this adorable comforter. It is equipped with a teething leaf and a loop to fasten your baby’s pacifier. 

Baby Bibs:

Babies can be a lot messier when they have started trying solid foods. The soft baby bibs from Lovingly Signed come into action! These bibs can absorb all food spills and crumbs and protect your baby’s clothes from getting dirty. The bibs can be either wiped off or machine-washed to be used again.


Let your little one relax and stay comfy all day long in the premium loungewear Babygrows. Available in a pack of 3, the white colored babygrows make a unisex apparel. The beautiful neck design looks elegant on your baby. Also, with crotch poppers, nappy changing is easier than ever. Style up your baby with the amazing Babygrow. 

I Love You Through and Through Book:

With storybooks, your baby falls asleep in a matter of moments. The tales features a toddler and a teddy bear who confess their love for one another. Babies can cherish the love they get from their close ones after listening to the rhyming story of this book. It makes the perfect first storybook to get for your little one. 

Diaper Pouch:

Organize all the diapers and wipes! This Diaper Pouch contains sufficient space to include 2-3 diapers and a pack of wipes. The beautiful hand-block printed fabric uplifts the beauty of this bag. They are of the right size to be carried while travelling. Even when your kid is past the diaper age, this bag can also be used to carry your things as well.

Jellycat Bunny:

Every little one deserves to be comforted with their very own friend, Jellycat Bunny. The long wiggly ears and soft-purred paws make everyone go wow. The bunny is super cute that it becomes impossible to resist it. So, add a luxurious addition to the stuffed toy shelf with this splendid Jellycat Bunny. 

Personalized Luxury Gingham Toweling Robe:

The Personalized Luxury Gingham Toweling Robe is crafted with attention to detail. It is a perfect fit that suits any little baby. The body of the robe makes the baby cozy while the featured hood serves to keep the baby’s head and ears warm. So, there is no chance your baby can catch a cold after a refreshing bath. 

Personalized Polka Dot Hooded Towel:

Polka Dots never go out of style. And the Personalized Polka Dot Hooded Towel from Lovingly Signed looks iconic. The towel does a perfect job of drying and keep your little one warm after a bath. Made of pure soft cotton toweling material, the towel stays gentle on the baby’s skin and makes bath time essential.

Laundry Bag:

Maintain your room and throw away all the messy clothes of your little one in this premium Laundry Bag. The bag has ample space to incorporate loads of little items for your baby. It also contains straps to secure the items inside it. The bag is available in a variety of vibrant prints so grab your favorite one now. 


Lovingly Signed has a wonderful collection of personalized baby gifts Singapore that every new parent needs. The list of gorgeous gifts never ends so explore their massive collection and get something terrific that will create long-lasting memories. 

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