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For families relocating to Tokyo with school-aged children, navigating the educational landscape can be a daunting task. Choosing between the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and a familiar curriculum like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) can be a significant decision. 

This blog delves into the world of GIIS Tokyo, a prominent international school offering both the prestige of IBDP and the widely recognised CBSE curriculum. 

Demystifying Ibdp And Cbse: Charting Your Child’s Educational Journey

  • The alluring challenge of the IBDP: The IBDP is a rigorous two-year pre-university programme recognised by universities across the world. It emphasises critical thinking, independent learning, and a holistic approach to education. Students take 6 subjects across various disciplines and complete core projects such as:
    • Theory of Knowledge
    • Creativity Activity and Service 
    • Extended Essay.  

The programme fosters well-rounded individuals prepared for the academic rigours of top universities. 

  • The Familiarity and Strength of CBSE: The CBSE curriculum, prominent in India, offers a strong foundation in core subjects like Maths, Science, English and Hindi. It emphasises learning alongside critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For students seeking a familiar pedagogical approach or aiming for higher education in India, the CBSE curriculum provides a strong foundation. 

GIIS Tokyo for Your Child’s Education?

Here are some compelling reasons to consider a CBSE international school like GIIS Tokyo for your child’s education, irrespective of the chosen curriculum (IBDP or CBSE): 

  • Experienced and qualified Faculty: GIIS Tokyo has teachers who are experienced and qualified to teach International curriculums and can stimulate and support a good learning environment. These educators understand the nuances of both IBDP and CBSE curricula and cater to diverse learning styles. 
  • Focus on Holistic Development: GIIS goes beyond academics. The school emphasises extracurricular activities, sports and performing arts, and life skills development, fastening well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. 
  • Multicultural Environment: GIIS fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Students from various nationalities and backgrounds come together promoting cultural understanding and global citizenship. This prepares children to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Exploring the IBDP Programme at GIIS Tokyo 

If you envision your child pursuing a rigorous and internationally recognised pre-university programme, the IBDP at GIIS Tokyo could be the perfect fit. Here’s what sets GIIS apart:  

  • Dedicated IBDP Faculty: A team of highly qualified teachers and experienced teachers specifically dedicated to guiding students through the IBDP programmes ensures personalised attention and support. 
  • Strong Track Record: GIIS Tokyo hosts a history of successful IBDP graduates securing admission into top universities worldwide. Their proven track record demonstrates the programme’s effectiveness. 
  • Supportive environment: GIIS recognises the demanding nature of the IBDP. The school provides a supportive environment with academic guidance, college counselling, and stress management workshops to help students excel. 

Understanding the CBSE Programme at GIIS Tokyo

For families seeking a familiar curriculum that emphasises a strong foundation in core subjects, the CBSE programme at GIIS Toky offers a compelling option: 

  • CBSE Expertise
  • Preparation for Indian Universities 
  • Seamless Transition.  


While the choice between IBDP and CBSE is crucial, GIIS Tokyo offers additional benefits that enhance your child’s overall learning experience with state-of-the-art facilities, focus on extracurricular activities and cultural exposure.

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