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What is a Labradoodle?

The labradoodle is one of the most loved breeds of dogs all over the world. This mixed breed takes after the friendliness of a labrador and the hypoallergenic fur of a poodle makes it safe for people who are allergic to dog fur or people who require service dogs.

Australian labradoodle

The adorable Australian doodle is a mix of a labrador, a poodle and sometimes a cocker spaniel!

The Australian labradoodle, modelled after the charming cocker spaniel, is an excellent house companion with a medium curly fur coat that sheds very little. They are safe with children since they are really warm and friendly.

Due to their high level of energy, this breed needs their owners to constantly challenge and exhaust them.

Why Choose an Australian  Labradoodle?

The Australian labradoodle in california is one of the smartest dogs in the world. This cute pet makes for a very emotionally intelligent companion and learns commands easily.

They are hypoallergenic which means that even allergic-prone people can fulfil their wish of having a dog.

Australian labradoodle breeders in california are also great with kids and infants because of their emotional sensitivity and non-violent nature. Their ability to understand emotions creates a very strong owner and pet bond.

Traits of an Australian labradoodle 

High energy

Low shedding fur 

Easily Trainable 

Friendly disposition 


Finding a Labradoodle Breeder in California

Now that you might have decided on what breed of labradoodle is best let’s find out how to find the best ethical breeder for your coming new member.

Here are some tips to make it easy for you;


The first step as a potential labradoodleowner is for you to do your research. Bringing home a dog is a big responsibility and a very long commitment.

Your research will determine if you knoe everything you are required to as pet parents.

As a pet owner, it should be your first concern to support and purchase from only ethical breeders. By doing this, you can prevent the number of unethical breeders from increasing in the market.

How doing the study can help you learn more about the Breeders that are accessible for contact.

Visit Websites:

websites have a lot to say about the breeders’ reliability. Make sure you carefully browse each breeder or agency’s website after you’ve narrowed down your options to get reviews and more details about their breeding methods.

Ask for Recommendations: 

If you know some labradoodle owners, don’t be hesitant to ask questions or recommendations for breeders.

Visit the Breeder: 

Before deciding to purchase your puppy from the breeder, we strongly advise you to visit them. 

 By going to the location, you may observe the overall ambience as well as the dogs’ living and hygienic circumstances. Bad living conditions such as isolation can develop aggressive tendencies in dogs.

Ask Questions: 

It is imperative that you ask your breeder the important questions about the puppy. Some questions you can ask are;

  • Is the puppy vaccinated 
  • Genetic esting results of the puppy 
  • His behaviour with other dogs at the breeding center 
  • Any quirky traits you should know about 

Health Guarantees: 

Ensure that the breeder provides services such as 

  • Vaccination,
  • deworming, 
  • genetic health screening
  • assurances for their puppies

Some reputable Australian labradoodle breeders in California

Pacific Rim Labradoodles: 

They focus on the genetics and behavious of the australian labradoodle puppy to produce the most household friendly companion.

California Labradoodles:

They provide the most loving and kind homes for the puppies so that the australian labradoodle grows with well developed social skills.

High Country Australian Labradoodles:

High Country Australian Labradoodles also do temperament testing and health testing for the dogs to ensure a good quality breed.

Sun Valley Labradoodles: puppies in sun valley are raised and receive early neurological stimulation to promote healthy development.

Central Coast Australian Labradoodles: 

Not only do they do health testing but the priotity at central coast is to breed a hypoallergenic fur.

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