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g-shock watch

In today’s world, wristwatches are more than just timekeepers. They’ve become gadgets with many features, including tracking fitness data and managing calls. G-Shock watches stand out with their tough design and advanced technology. As interest in smartwatches grows, particularly those priced under 3000, it’s important to find models that offer the best value for your money.

Listed below are some of the best smartwatch models available in India

G Shock GMW-B5000

With a design reminiscent of the original G Shock watches, the GMW-B5000 is a modern take on a classic. This model retains the iconic square design but adds smart functionalities like Bluetooth connectivity and solar-powered charging. It allows users to sync their G Shock watches with their smartphones for automated time adjustments and reminders.

G Shock G-Squad GSW-H1000

Among the latest G Shock line up, the G-Squad GSW-H1000 is a testament to technological advancements. Operating on the Wear OS by Google, it provides features like heart rate monitoring and an array of apps catering to fitness, navigation, and more. Even if you’re looking for the best G Shock watches, this model offers a comprehensive range of features.

Fire-Boltt Quantum Smartwatch

The Fire-Boltt Quantum Smartwatch exudes luxury in the smartwatch category due to its exquisite design and premium features. Constructed with a stainless-steel frame, its robust design offers a sophisticated appearance. You can personalise its look with various background wallpapers downloadable from the Fire-Boltt app. 

This smartwatch offers 14 different sports modes, providing a comprehensive tracking experience. Its upscale design, combined with these impressive features, makes it one of the best smart watches under 3000.

G Shock GD-100 Series

The GBD-100 series from G Shock watches is a perfect companion for those with an active lifestyle. It is designed with a sporty aesthetic and offers many features, including a built-in accelerometer to track your steps and distance covered. Integrated with a GPS, it ensures you never lose your way during outdoor adventures. 

Amazfit Bip 3

The Amazfit Bip 3 boasts a prominent 1.69-inch display with over 50 watch face options. This watch offers continuous heart rate monitoring, and a dedicated stress monitoring feature. With its IP68 water resistance rating, it’s suitable for swimming. The device supports 60 diverse sports modes. 

Additionally, the stress level monitor in this watch continuously tracks your daily stress levels using Heart Rate Variabilities. Additionally, its resistance to dust enhances its durability, making it a must-have and reinforcing its position as one of the top smartwatches in its price range.

G Shock GA-2100

This G Shock smart watch model boasts a sleek, octagonal design. While it may look more simplistic compared to other G Shock watches, its functionalities don’t lag. It offers standard features like world time, alarms, and timers and integrates seamlessly with your smartphone for notifications.

NoiseFit Active Smartwatch

NoiseFit Active Smartwatch showcases a 1.28-inch circular display, enabling users to monitor vital metrics like heart rate and real-time blood oxygen levels. The daily activity tracker in this smart watch keeps tabs on steps, calorie consumption, and distance covered. 

The NoiseFit App facilitates tracking of daily achievements. This device supports 14 sports modes and boasts an impressive battery life of up to seven days after a full charge. These attributes make the Noise Fit Active as one of the best smart watches under 3000.


Navigating the expansive world of smart watches can be daunting, especially with the numerous smartwatch options available. However, when considering durability, style, and features, G Shock watches consistently rank among the top. Whether aiming for the best smart watches under 3000 or are ready to splurge on high-end models, G Shock watches offer a diverse range that caters to all needs. 

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