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In our daily life, we tend to use Chrome or Google atleast once a day that why ad blocker is necessary.And during today’s data driven technological era, it is so common to see multiple ads and pop-ups on things that we might have searched or even thought in our minds. And these ads affects our browsing experience and even reduces the page loading speed causing more of a headache than a attribute. If you are looking for any best free ad blocker for chrome, then you have comed to the right place. Here we introduce you to one of the best ad blocker for chrome which can be also used as ad blocker firefox, ad blocker for safari or even as a firefox adblock extension all that for free of cost. 

True Adblocker:-Best free ad blocker

This Adblock Chrome extension is the best free ad blocker for chrome by using which you can enjoy your content without unnecessary ads. True Adblocker being a free Ad Blocker Chrome version removes all unwanted ads and blocks pop-up ads. The Adblock Chrome extension for Windows does more than just block ads. Also being Firefox Adblock and Safari Adblock, true adblocker acts as a multifunction application that guards underaged users against unsuitable content, prevents adverts, restricts access to risky websites, and also speeds up the page loading with this Adblock Chrome extension. Some of the things that makes this Adblock Chrome extension more interesting is that it can block YouTube ads on Chrome, blocks unwanted Twitch Adblock extension, blocks Spotify ads, watch endless series on Hulu without any ads, and blocks pop-up ads with total Adblock. 

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How to get the Adblock Chrome Extension

  • Just like any other browser extension, you first need to install the Adblock Chrome Extension: True Adblocker.
  • After installing it you need to include it in the extension to the toolbar.
  • Click on the extension and launch it to turn on ad blocking on Chrome.
  • You can now surf anything or watch anything in Chrome without the ads disturbing you.
  • The free adblocker called True Adblocker is an online browser add-on that can completely block all unwanted ads and make our online experience ad-free.

Benefits & Features of True Adblocker as your free AdBlock Chrome extension

  • It can easily block YouTube ads, Twitch ads, Spotify ads, Hulu ads, and Pop-ups on Chrome.
  • It supports quicker internet speed with fast page loading time.
  • It provides you with the assurance of privacy and security.
  • By removing ads, pop-ups, banners and video advertisements, True Adblocker eliminates distractions.
  • You can also promote a robust online environment for websites by permitting certain acceptable ads that assist websites.
  • Parenting control options restrict adults’ websites and inappropriate content. 
  • Your data is protected from internet trackers.
  • True adblocker can even block sponsored ads and Google ads.
  • It also prevents online threats keeping your online activities secure and private.

Ad-blocking is an essential experience for many people. Bad advertising can ruin experiences, especially while browsing the web, playing games, and watching video content. Of course, there’s a necessary evil aspect to the whole thing, but people still use ad blockers anyway. There are several ways to get ad blocking on your Android device in at least some capacity. It almost exclusively requires root access or installing third-party apps


Using an adblocker that performs multiple functions is important. If you can get all of those features for free, then that ad blocker is absolutely the best in the market. True adblocker indeed does the job very well by blocking all the ads, pop-ups, other video adverts and protect the data and privacy of the user while using Chrome for free. And it perfectly fits in to the position of best free ad blocker for chrome. 

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