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A Thorough Analysis of The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry deals in the manufacturing and buying/selling of automobiles and takes care of the integral components through the complex service structure that this industry offers. The concept of Cash for Cars Gold Coast services has been increasingly nurturing, making the industry grow overall. 

The industry includes various functions, such as vehicle production, modification, marketing, and repair. The turnover achieved by the automotive industry is substantial and is enjoyed by the state economy as it plays a vital part in contributing to the well-being of the country. Australia earns $168.5bn through its automotive workforce, and there is scope for improving the figure with time. 

The key segments in the automotive industry are:  

Light vehicles 

These are the vehicles manufactured for people’s commutes. They include motorcycles and lightweight cars like minivans, SUVs, and passenger cars that have made travelling easier and faster.   

Trucks & Buses  

These are mainly the commercial vehicles used to transport goods around. All kinds of heavy buses, trucks, and coaches come under this category. 

Construction & Agriculture Vehicles 

Heavy and specialised machinery is constructed to support activities in the agriculture and construction sectors. These machines are provided by the automotive industry and designed to render expert services like mining, ploughing, and digging.    

Electric Cars & Plug in Hybrids 

With the growing demand for vehicles, people are inclined to attain comfort in driving and save fuel by preferring electric or hybrid cars. The batteries used in these automobiles are restored with electrical energy, and the invention of such vehicles has had a bigger impact on the automotive industry.  

Autonomous Vehicles  

Technological advancements have laid the foundation for producing self-driven vehicles without human input. These vehicles are composed of automatic features that sense their environment and can be navigated without human involvement. 

What Is the Automotive Industry Value Chain? 

A well-designed structure is formulated that initiates from presenting the idea to hand over the final product to the customers through the automotive industry chain. The foremost objective is to layer out the process and analyse all the sensitive areas of automotive production. The process is executed with a team of professionals to combat any weaknesses before selling the vehicle in the marketplace.  

Inbound Logistics  

The initial step of vehicle manufacturing is gathering raw materials worldwide. The automotive industry buys raw materials from suppliers worldwide and distributes them to manufacturing units per their needs.      

Designing & Manufacturing  

The step mainly focuses on manufacturing the product by converting the raw material under expert supervision. The manufacturing is done while considering the designs already approved by the car manufacturing companies.   


Automotive engineers are hired to study the manufacturing process deeply and analyse weaknesses. They are expected to come up with better solutions and a visionary approach while producing a vehicle that carries uniqueness and is highly efficient for the user.   

Quality Control  

Suppliers and industry practitioners ensure that all quality ingredients are included in the final product to meet customer satisfaction. Corrective actions are taken to improve quality and save costs by tracking failures at the early production stage.  

Marketing & Sales 

Marketing and sales are crucial steps for the company’s manufacturing vehicles. It distributes the final product to the targeted customers through different marketing channels. It is important to understand that weak marketing can lead to lower sales despite the perfect product. Traditional ways of marketing can never boost sales, so it is essential to use marketing channels that can direct you to potential buyers, generating sales and profiting from the automotive industry.    


The final stage of the value chain emphasises the importance of after-sales service. Once the product is sold to the targeted audience, the companies must build a concrete relationship with the consumers to serve them in any trouble they may face with the product. It adds value to your company and elongates your long-term customer list.   

There are primary activities that support the automotive industry value chain and make it a success.  

Information Technology

With the advancement of technology, the value chain uses this service at every stage. Information technology is vital, from planning a product to inculcating technological features in the vehicles to selling them through digital forums.   


An automotive company’s well-planned and managed infrastructure helps them achieve their short-term and long-term goals. The organisation must have organised channels to manage the complexities and provide the workforce with a culture where they can work while being motivated.  


The automotive value chain is supported by a key element ‘financing’ that tackles all the monetary activities of the business. From procuring raw materials from the suppliers to selling the final product, the entire financial transaction is supported by a strong financing method of the company 

Human Resource  

A strong workforce takes the company to the crest of success can’t be denied. A pool of highly motivated and skilled individuals is the main value-adding element in the chain, as production can be severely affected without them.   

Careers In the Automotive Industry  

The growing array of automotive industries is opening potential grounds for people to work in. It lays down opportunities where individuals have high earning benefits and the chances to grow in their careers. Pursuing a career in the automotive industry can be rewarding in many ways. Some of the main careers in this industry are mentioned here:  

  • Vehicle Inspector  
  • Auto Body Repair Technician  
  • Auto Electrician  
  • Auto Mechanic  
  • Auto Engineer 
  • Vehicle’s Salesperson 
  • Auto Sales Manager 
  • Process Engineer 
  • Quality Testing Engineer 
  • Auto Designers 

The automotive industry serves the economy and benefits people by giving them lucrative career opportunities. Its role in the economy is expanding through technological advancement and research.    

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